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If you're thinking of buying or selling a home there are many reasons you most likely need a Real Estate Professional on your side.

The agents of Team Tate have a combined experience of nearly 14 years in real estate.


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We see buying and selling real estate like climbing Mt. Everest, with you as the mountain climber. While there are many areas of buying and selling you can manage on your own with a little help from craigslist, a real estate transaction is a significant "peak" that most people don't experience often enough to become experts.

The learning curve is steep in an ever-changing, ever challening housing market, and just as there are risks climbing Mt. Everest, there are risks in buying and selling real estate with all the financial and legal implications.

Successful climbers of Mt. Everest rely on the expert guidance of Sherpas to get them to the top. That is how we view our role... that of a guide getting you to where you want to go - safely and successfully.

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