How would you solve these real estate "Story Problems"?


Brenda and Barney have good income, but their credit has some problems. They would like to buy a home, but don't know if they could even qualify. What are their options?

A) Drop the blinds of their rental and hide in embarrassment.

B) Drown their sorrows in chocolate fondue.

C) Give up on their dream forever.

D) Call Team Tate and get real solutions to this story problem.

We have contacts and information to help you get in a good place to buy a home. With some education about credit repair and strategy from our expert contacts, you can be well on your way before you know it.


Robert and Rachel were both at the top of their careers with wonderful jobs. They celebrated by purchasing their dream house in 2007, at the top of the market. When the economy crashed, Robert lost his job and Rachel was given a new position with a much lower salary. Their home can't sell for what they paid for it. Robert still has unemployment for a couple more months and has been applying for work, but with no luck. Rachel remains underemployed. They have missed seven payments and these weird white notices keep coming in the mail. One was even taped on their door! What are their options?

A) Abandon the house and go rent elsewhere.

B) Sell everything off in a huge garage sale and try to catch up on their payments.

C) Chop up the weird white papers into confetti then toss it over their heads to cheer their mood.

D) Call Team Tate and geat real sloutions to this story problem.

Many, many people lost their jobs in the economic downturn. Robert and Rachel are not alone. Many people are underwater on their homes, but there are solutions. Explore all your options with Team Tate, who has helped dozens of buyers in these same situations. Do not ignore weird white notices. Call us TODAY for help.


Jenny has owned her home for ten years and just got engaged to Jared, who has owned his home for four years. They are trying to decide what to do. Their preference would be to sell both houses and buy another home to start their new life together in. However, Jenny's neighbor told her the market has entirely tanked and they would be fools to try selling anything now. What are their options?

A) Ask the helpful neighbor for advice on 401k withholding and stock portfolio trends as well.

B) Sell one home, rent one, and buy a new one; or rent both houses and buy a new home; or sell one home and live in the other.

C) Call off the engagement and give the ring back- it's just too complicated!

D) Call Team Tate and get real solutions to this story problem.

The housing market is ever-changing and the best way to know what is happening with valuations and market activity is to talk with someone who works professionally on a daily basis in real estate. Newspaper and magazine headlines about the economy will only take you so far. Get personalized information on your specific situation from experts who know the local market and can show you updated market statistics for different scenarios. With good information and some guidance- it's not complicated at all.


Andrew and Ariel are underwater on their house. Their income has dropped and they have missed a few payments. These weird white notices have shown up in the mail. They read them, but they don't really understand them. They think they could continue to live in their home "under the sea" if they only had a lower house payment. What are their options?

A) Keep missing payments and continue to live in the house until the sherriff knocks on the door and explains in detail what those weird white notices mean.

B) Use their credit cards to catch up on the payments so the bank will stop this pen pal relationship.

C) Adapt to living "under the sea." Afterall, Ariel is named after a mermaid.

D) Call Team Tate and get real solutions to this story problem.

When we say we have solutions, recognize that not all of them involve selling your house. Our experience has helped put many people on a new path by helping them lower their payments and stay in their home. We can educate you about your best options and help you with your goals. If you even think you are not going to be able to make a payment, it is best to reach out for help sooner rather than later. Be proactive and give us a call TODAY. Our goal is to help you even if we don't end up selling your home.


Sam and Sally have good income and decent credit. They would like to buy a home, but don't have a down payment saved. What are their options?

A) Buy a Powerball ticket and cross their fingers and toes.

B) Keep renting because there are no other options.

C) Wait for a rich uncle to die.

D) Call Team Tate and get real solutions to this story problem.

There are a number of programs available that can help you with down payment options if you are a first-time buyer, or have not owned a home for a certain time period. We can connect you with lenders who can explain various options to help you achieve your goal of homeownership.


Carl has always had in independent, can-do attitude. When he retired and it was time to sell his house and move to Hawaii, he decided to sell it himself. He looked at a website that gave him an estimate, put a big sign in the yard, and placed an ad on craigslist. BINGO! He immediately had someone look at it and now they want to buy it for what he is asking. Carl at first thought this was great, but now he is not so sure. Something doesn't quite feel right. What are his options?

A) Carl should ignore the feeling that he may have priced his home too low. He should also just forget about the pushy buyer who wanted him to sign a contract within hours of seeing the house.

B) He needs to focu on the fact that he just sold his house without representation, and "saved" money on commission in spite of the nagging feeling that something is wrong.

C) He should dream about tropical island breezes, white sandy beaches, and oceanic kayaking and buy that one-way ticket to Hawaii already!

D) Call Team Tate and get real solutions to this story problem.

Yes, you can sell your home yourself, but unless you study the market on a consistent basis and understand the contractual implications of real estate transactions, you could also sell yourself short or create legal ramifications in the process. If someone tries to sell his home on his own and gets into a situation he is not sure about, he should call a Real Estate Professional immediately for help and advice. There is more involved in the selling of a home than most people expect. This is why the majority of people seek professional assistance in one of the largest financial deals of their lifetime.



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